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Retool App for Streamlining Writer Onboarding for Pepper Content's Marketplace

Pepper Content connects top-tier content writers with businesses in need of high-quality copywriting services. The success of their marketplace relies heavily on our ability to onboard quality writers efficiently. With this in mind, we developed a writer's onboarding app on Retool – a seamless app designed to ensure every writer joining their platform is top class.

The app is a one-stop solution for managing the writer onboarding process. Companies looking to outsource their content requirements can rest easy knowing that the writers onboarded through the app have passed through a rigorous selection process. What would have normally taken months to build was built in 40 hours. From data retrieval to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency.

Stages of Onboarding

Every writer joining Pepper Content's platform undergoes several stages, which can be tracked on our app. These include:

  • Pipeline: Initial stage where writers express interest.

  • Onboarded: Writers who have been approved after evaluation.

  • Contract Signed: Those who've agreed to our terms.

  • Rejected: Writers who didn't meet our criteria.

For this walkthrough, we're focusing on the writers currently in the pipeline stage.

Getting to Know the Writers on the Retool app

On the app's interface, we've included a detailed table showcasing pertinent details about each writer. This includes their names, email addresses, and, most importantly, their preferred content niches, whether it be SEO content, branded content, or any other specialty.

Using the app's filter feature, our team can quickly identify and group writers based on these preferences. For instance, we can swiftly locate all writers keen on producing SEO-focused blog articles or are interested in working for companies in the Information Technology (IT), software, infrastructure and applications space.

Evaluating Potential Writers on the Retool app

Evaluation is an integral part of the onboarding process. When a writer is selected for evaluation, all their relevant information is displayed. This ranges from basic details like names and LinkedIn profiles to more in-depth insights such as past experience, resume, and writing samples.

Based on this data, the team conducts a thorough assessment. For instance, if a writer expresses interest in entrepreneurship and venture capital, their samples and resumes are checked to gauge their expertise in this domain. The app allows the team to categorize writers as beginners or experts in various niches. If, during the evaluation, a writer is deemed unfit for a particular category, say SEO, the team can easily exclude them from that category.

Scoring and Finalizing Onboarding on the Retool app

Every writer is assigned a score based on their evaluation. To maintain the quality of their platform, only those scoring above 60% are considered for onboarding. The app clearly displays this score, making decision-making straightforward.

If a writer surpasses the 60% threshold, an "onboard" button becomes active. This final step also allows them to decide the writer's pay. Once the onboarding is confirmed, the app automatically sends out a welcome email to the writer, making the process efficient and hassle-free.


Watching Pepper Content utilize the Retool app we crafted and benefit from its functionalities has been incredibly rewarding. The app stands as a testament to our shared vision of uncompromised quality and efficiency in the content industry. We are proud to have played a role in optimizing Pepper Content's process, and we're excited about the countless successful writer partnerships they'll forge using our platform! You can watch the recording of the app in action here


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