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Terms of Service


Welcome to Toolpioneers, a division of MARVOPUS LABS PRIVATE LIMITED (Registered Business). As you navigate and utilize our state-of-the-art services, it is important to understand and agree to the terms outlined here. These terms aim to create a transparent and trustworthy environment for both our clients and us.

Our Offered Services

At Toolpioneers, we pride ourselves on our extensive suite of application development and post-deployment services. Each service is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring top-tier quality. For a deeper dive into what we offer, please refer to our main page.

Payment Protocols

In our bid to streamline services and maintain transparency, all payments for services rendered should align with the stipulations of the agreed-upon contract. We emphasize timely payments to ensure consistent service delivery. Delays or discrepancies in payment may lead to potential interruptions in service, but rest assured, we will communicate with you thoroughly before any such actions are considered

Reasonable Termination

At toolpioneers, our goal is to foster long-term relationships built on trust and mutual respect. However, should there be circumstances demanding termination of service, we adhere to a structured and fair process

  • Notification: Before any termination action, we will notify you, highlighting the reasons and providing an opportunity for dialogue.

  • Rectification Period: You will be given a reasonable timeframe to address any cited issues, ensuring that decisions aren't hasty.

  • Final Decision: If, after the rectification period, the issue persists or isn’t addressed, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend the services.

This approach ensures that terminations are always the last resort and come after ample deliberation and communication

Evolution of Terms

As the digital landscape evolves, so do our services and processes. We may revise these Terms of Service occasionally to reflect such changes. Whenever modifications are made, we will make it a priority to notify you, ensuring that the updated terms are accessible and transparent. Your continued use of our services post any changes indicates your acceptance of the updated terms.

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