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Pepper Content's Comprehensive Feedback & Grievance Resolution app on Retool

Pepper Content has established itself as a leading marketplace for content creation. On one side, we have businesses eager to outsource their copywriting needs, and on the other, talented creators ready to deliver. To ensure the quality of content remains top-notch, an editorial layer meticulously reviews the work produced by these creators.

We're excited to introduce our Creator Performance Redressal App, designed to streamline the feedback process and uphold the high standards of Pepper Content's marketplace.

What would have normally taken months to build was built in 50 hours. From data retrieval to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency.

Key Features of the Creator Performance Redressal and Feedback Retool App

1. Centralised Dashboard The app presents a table listing creators who have previously been flagged by editors for subpar work or those who have garnered positive feedback. This table also provides insights into the type of content they specialize in, be it writing, translating, etc. Additionally, it displays the most recent actions taken against them, such as warnings or removals from projects.

* demo image

2. Feedback Overview For each creator, the app displays a tally of positive and negative feedback, offering a clear picture of their performance.

3. Advanced Search and Filters Users can effortlessly search for creators by their ID or name. The app also features filters that allow users to view creators based on specific criteria, such as those flagged within a particular timeframe or those removed from specific projects.

*demo image

4. Detailed Creator Profiles Clicking on a creator's name, like our example "XYZ", reveals a detailed 360° profile. Here, users can see:

  • Total assignments completed.

  • Number of times flagged, with breakdowns by editors, clients, etc.

  • Past feedback received, categorized by tags like "satisfactory", "needs improvement", and more.

  • A history or timeline of actions taken against them.

  • A list of past assignments, including the companies they've worked for and who flagged their work.

*demo image

5. Action Commitment If an editor or appraiser finds a creator's performance lacking, they can take corrective actions directly from the app. Options range from issuing warnings to deactivating a creator's profile. The app also offers a rich text editor for personalized email messages, with the ability to CC or BCC other stakeholders.

*demo image

Backend integration and Frontend development

We seamlessly interfaced with Pepper Content's custom APIs, ensuring a smooth flow of data to the frontend. Upon receiving the data from the backend, we utilized custom JavaScript within Retool to handle all necessary computations. This approach allowed us to accurately present and visualize the statistics based on the data provided.

From data retrieval to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency.


The Creator Performance Redressal App, developed by us for Pepper Content, underscores our dedication to delivering quality and timely output. By crafting a platform that provides a lucid insight into each creator's performance coupled with an effective feedback mechanism, we've fortified Pepper Content's reputation as a trusted marketplace for both businesses and creators. You can watch the recording of the app in action here


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