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Our Retool chatbot is changing the game for personalising our Upwork proposals as Retool Developers

We've primarily relied on inbound strategies at our agency, but we feel it's time for a change. We chose Upwork as our starting point for outbound outreach. It's a platform that connects agencies with opportunities.

Our portfolio is growing, with several projects showcased on our blog and more shared through loom videos. But here's the challenge: every proposal on Upwork demands personalization – from tailored cover letters to specific responses to client queries.

Questions like 'Have you worked on similar projects?' or 'Are you familiar with this tech stack?' are common.

upwork retool developer proposal

Our strategy for personalising proposals as Retool Developers on Upwork using our Retool chatbot

While personalizing each proposal is effective, it's also time-consuming. To make this process smoother, we've developed a simple, yet powerful chatbot using Retool. Here's how it works:

1. We set up Retool to automatically crawl through our blog posts, other website content, and loom video transcripts. This process occurs periodically to ensure the data stays up-to-date.

2. The data is stored using Retool Vectors, a feature of Retool's Vector DB.

3. We utilized Retool's AI actions for a seamless creation of a chatbot. This involves a drag-and-drop interface for chat UI and integration with our vector embeddings and OpenAI.


Now, with just a few instructions, the chatbot assists us in crafting relevant responses on Upwork making out lives easier as Retool Developers reaching out to new potential clients.

For instance, a recent query on Upwork was, 'Have you built an AI copywriting assistant app or similar?' I simply fed this question along with the client’s project requirement to our chatbot, reviewed its response for accuracy, and used it in our responses.

Chatbot built using chatgpt gpt4 on retool ai actions

This tool is significantly saving time and maintaining the quality of our upwork responses.


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