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Programmatic/Bulk SEO Content Creation using Retool

In the digital age, content remains paramount. However, producing vast amounts of high-quality content consistently poses a significant challenge for many businesses. Our innovative approach offers a solution, combining the prowess of GPT-4 with the efficiency of our retool applications for programmatic/bulk SEO content creation. What would have normally taken months to build was built in 50 hours. From data retrieval to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency.


Imagine the daunting task of creating content for 1,000 web pages, each containing 25 unique sections. That's a staggering 25,000 content blocks! Businesses across sectors grapple with the need for such extensive content, especially when aiming for a robust online presence and improved SEO in a short span of time.

Retool Solution for Bulk or Programmatic SEO Content Generation

We developed two groundbreaking apps to tackle this challenge head-on: the Configuration App and the Content App.

Configuration App

This innovative tool empowers users to design and tailor content sections for web pages. Take, for example, a page dedicated to Apollo Fertility. It might encompass sections such as "Introduction <for a condition>," "What is the procedure <to treat a condition>?", and "What causes the <condition>?". Each of these sections can be fine-tuned with distinct prompts and specific GPT-4 parameters, like temperature and frequency penalty.

What's more, the app's intuitive design allows for the seamless input of keywords, be it individually or in the form of comma-separated values. This adaptability ensures it caters to a diverse range of content requirements.

Content App

With the sections set up in the Configuration App, the Content App takes center stage. Here, users provide specific details, and the app, leveraging the capabilities of GPT-4, fills the sections with pertinent content. For example, for a topic on thyroid disorders at Apollo Fertility, users can specify the title/condition (thyroid), clinic type, and location as inputs. The app then crafts content for all 25 sections, from the introduction to various thyroid-related conditions.

Adding to its prowess, the creation of one page is swift and efficient. The true magic unfolds when you realize the potential to produce thousands of such pages tailored to various combinations of conditions, clinics, and locations. All this can be achieved by simply reading inputs from an excel sheet in parallel, making mass content generation not just a possibility, but a reality.


The combined power of the Configuration and Content Apps has transformed content generation. Our innovative approach offers a solution, combining the prowess of GPT-4 with the efficiency of our retool applications for programmatic/bulk SEO content creation. We now produce vast amounts of coherent, engaging, and industry-relevant content with ease for Businesses. Whether it's for a fertility clinic in the healthcare sector or a completely different sector such as travel, these tools offer a scalable solution for programmatic content generation. The result? Enhanced SEO, a stronger online presence, and a significant edge in the digital marketplace. Watch the app in action here


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