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A Custom Event Management App for MoneyWaveConnect built by our Retool Developers

MoneyWaveConnect, a fintech event management company, made quite the impression at Money 2020 in Vegas this year. Their primary objective was ambitious but straightforward: to capture, enrich, and display attendee data. The result? A tailor-made app that provides not only a comprehensive list of attendees but also in-depth insights into each one of them. What would have normally taken weeks to build was built in 25 hours. From data retrieval to backend workflows to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency. Here's how we did it.

Event Management App built by Retool Developers at Toolpioneers

Detailed Overview of our Customised Retool Event Management App built by our Retool Developers

1. Data Aggregation Our first task was to scrape through the list of all attendees from Money 2020. Once we had the raw data, our team enriched it by collecting specific email IDs, LinkedIn URLs, and pertinent organization details like company domains, funding details, company description, and specialties.

2. Storage Solution Postgresql was our choice for database management

3. Retool Integration The beauty of our solution lay in using Retool. Known for its seamless integration with Postgres databases, Retool allowed us to craft an intuitive dashboard on top of our database. Attendees were displayed in an easily navigable table format, and with just a click, users could delve deeper into comprehensive profiles.

Event attendees table built by our Retool Developers at Toolpioneers

Event attendees deep dive tabs built by our Retool Developers at Toolpioneers

4. Filtering Capabilities To enhance user experience, we incorporated multi-select filtering options. Users could sift through attendees based on the company's sector (like payments, software, cloud services etc), stage (startup, established, agencies etc), and person's job title (strategy, marketing, sales, board members etc). A bonus? We added a case-insensitive fuzzy search, making it even easier for users to find a specific person or company

Event attendees filtering capabilities built by our Retool Developers at Toolpioneers

Event attendees' company deep dive view built by our Retool Developers at Toolpioneers

5. Data Refresh Cycle To ensure that the app provided the most recent data, we created a backend workflow again on Retool. This CRON job would automatically scrape new data every three days, ensuring the list of attendees was always up to date.


Our customized event management app on Retool for MoneyWaveConnect built by our Retool Developers turned out to be a game-changer at Money 2020. Not only did it allow the company to have a deeper insight into their attendees, but it also became a valuable tool for potential and existing customers as a lead magnet. With real-time data updates and advanced filtering options, the app provided an unmatched experience, ensuring users always had the most recent and relevant information at their fingertips. You can watch the live demo of the app here


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