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Transforming the Gig Economy: Our Custom Retool Solution for Flintfin's Rider and Order Management

FlintFin is a platform that connects riders with aggregators like Zomato, Swiggy, and hyperlocal logistics companies such as Pidge. Some of the orders placed on these aggregators are fulfilled by riders connected through FlintFin. By launching order management and rider management solutions on Retool, FlintFin is reshaping how these orders are allocated and fulfilled, thus transforming the gig economy. This innovation ensures maximum utilization of riders, increases their income, and enhances fleet capacity across India's aggregator ecosystem, leading to improved outcomes for both aggregators and end-users

What would have normally taken many weeks to build was built in 20 hours. From data retrieval to backend workflows to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency

Retool developers create an order management table

Order Management Application: The Heart of FlintFin's Innovation and Enhancing Operational Flexibility

The order management app serves as a central hub where all aggregator orders are intelligently mapped to available riders. It proves real-time insights into the status of each order, whether it's in transit, delivered, cancelled or in a return-to-origin process. This visibility not only streamlines operations but also ensures that every order is promptly and efficiently handled.

The system also facilitates manual order assignment and reallocation to riders, a crucial feature for addressing unexpected situations, such as when a rider is unable to fulfill an order or no riders are available. This flexibility allows FlintFin to swiftly adjust, reallocating orders as needed to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth operations.

Additionally, situations often arise where order statuses, such as 'customer refusing to accept order' or 'return to origin (RTO) in process,' need manual updates by FlintFin's operations team. The order management system enables immediate status changes, ensuring accurate communication across the platform.

Retool developers create an order management table for changing order statuses

Retool developers create an order management table for assigning riders

Moreover, whenever a rider is allocated or reallocated through the order management app, or when an order's status is manually updated, FlintFin's backend databases are instantly refreshed. This update extends to the information shared with aggregators and their internal systems, including new rider details like phone numbers and names, or updated order statuses, maintaining a seamless flow of accurate information

Rider Management Dashboard: Empowering the Fleet

Parallel to the order management application, FlintFin's rider management dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of the rider workforce. It displays vital information such as the availability of riders to take orders and their login status on FlintFin's app. This tool is crucial for allocating or reallocating orders and managing the workforce effectively, ensuring that free riders can be promptly assigned or reassigned to pending orders, thereby minimizing downtime and optimizing service delivery

Retool developers provide a rider management table

Our solution, as Retool developers, is helping reshape the gig economy with better rider management

In conclusion, Flintfin's innovative use of Retool to develop its order and rider management applications is not just a technological advancement—it's a game-changer for the gig economy. By enabling efficient order allocation, reallocation, and real-time status updates, Flintfin is streamlining operations for aggregators, improving working conditions for riders, and enhancing service delivery for end-users. This holistic approach to solving logistical challenges showcases Flintfin's commitment to creating a more connected, efficient, and equitable delivery ecosystem. Retool developers present a solution reshaping the gig economy with innovative rider and order management for efficiency and enhanced operations


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