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Lead Generation & Discovery for Speakeasy using Retool App and Workflow

Speakeasy streamlines the process of production of Software Development Kits (SDKs) derived from OpenAPI specifications for businesses. Upon uploading these specifications to Speakeasy, the platform instantly initiates the SDK generation process. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates on the server-side, acting as a robust middleware or proxy layer. For companies seeking to extend their APIs through Terraform, the manual coding required posed significant challenges. These included time-intensive development processes and the maintenance of extensive lines of code. Identifying potential clients who could benefit from a simplified Terraform Provider creation process became vital for SpeakEasy. This is where the vast Terraform Registry, brimming with potential leads, came into the picture What would have normally taken many weeks to build was built in 25 hours. From data retrieval to backend workflows to frontend computations to UI design on Retool, our team's expertise ensured that every aspect of the project was executed with precision and efficiency.

Our Task

Our role was to extract and curate valuable data from the Terraform Registry and Github to enable lead generation and discovery for Speakeasy using retool app and workflow. We dove deep, extracting a diverse set of data for roughly 3600 records. This data spanned download metrics, publication dates, provider tiers, and more from the Terraform registry. But we didn't stop there. Leveraging the GitHub URLs we'd sourced, we further expanded our dataset, incorporating GitHub-specific insights like number of issues and, pull requests, fork and star counts, release dates and deprecation statutes .

Our Process

At the heart of our processes was the Retool platform. The frontend operations were driven by a meticulously designed Retool dashboard, offering an intuitive user experience.

Simultaneously, the backend operations were streamlined with a robust Retool workflow dedicated to scraping data from the Terraform Registry. This involved executing code to fetch all the terraform providers, gathering statistics for each provider from the Terraform registry, and collating GitHub stats—all achieved through seamless API calls.

Post data extraction, the next step was to integrate this information into a retool DB—a PostgreSQL database. The workflow, designed as a cron job, ensures the data remains current, enabling Speakeasy to perpetually identify and connect with potential customers.

Results of Lead Generation and Discovery using Retool App and Workflow

Speakeasy now had a goldmine of information at its fingertips. With the insights sourced and organized, Speakeasy could precisely target companies poised to benefit most from its unique Terraform Provider generation capabilities. The automated process, powered by the Retool dashboard and workflow, ensured SpeakEasy maintained a perpetually updated list of potential clients, optimizing their outreach and conversion potential. You can the see the app and workflow in action here


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