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How Pradhi Secured Six Industry Giants with Our Enterprise AI Applications crafted on Retool

In today's landscape of abundance AI and SaaS tools, coupled with the paradox of choice , acquiring and retaining customers is a monumental challenge. However, with the right tools and technologies, companies can not only meet but exceed customer expectations. At Toolpioneers, we take pride in our custom enterprise grade AI application built on Retool, which has enabled our client,, to secure six well-known industry behemoths as customers in record time.

AI recording application built by Retool Developers

Our AI application is a versatile tool designed to optimally address myriad use cases across industries despite the well known challenges of having to tweak models and workflows based on the industry. From gathering feedback from customers to triaging patient queries in hospitals, from streamlining insurance claims processes to enabling guests to conveniently place hotel room service requests, our solution is tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Developing an enterprise-grade application of this caliber typically takes months, if not years. However, thanks to our extremely talented team and the power of quick development that Retool offers to software developers, we were able to deliver results in a matter of weeks. Retool's flexibility and ease of use allowed us to iterate quickly and tailor downstream workflows for each customer, significantly accelerating the go-to-market process

The architecture of the enterprise AI application built by our Retool Developers

Our AI application's architecture revolves around three fundamental layers, each crucial for its functionality:

  1. Voice Recording and Transcription: One of the core functionalities of our application is its ability to accurately transcribe voice recordings from Indic languages to English. This layer ensures that even nuanced details such as department names and specific locations are correctly interpreted, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency.

  2. Custom Analytics: Our custom analytics layer is tailored to meet the unique needs of industries and individual clients. Through advanced analysis capabilities, we provide invaluable insights into customer feedback and operational performance. Our platform offers a range of analytics tools, including sentiment analysis on a continuous scale from negative to positive, departmental tagging for efficient issue resolution, and geo heatmaps highlighting well-performing units and areas of concern. Additionally, we identify common complaints, feedback, and requests, enabling businesses to prioritize improvements and address recurring issues proactively. With our comprehensive analytics suite, businesses can make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and driving growth.

  3. Downstream Workflows: Perhaps the most crucial aspect of our application is its ability to integrate seamlessly with industry-specific downstream workflows. Whether it's training workflows for operations teams or customer support teams or sales processes for vertical-based sales teams, our solution adapts to unique business requirements with ease.

Demo of the application

In our demo, we showcase the seamless integration of voice recording, transcription, and data storage functionalities. Users can easily record voice feedback, which is then transcribed and stored in AWS S3. The recorded data, including details such as phone numbers, timestamps, departmental tagging, and sentiment analysis, is stored in a PostgreSQL database for further analysis and action.

Central to our application's functionality is the use of vector embeddings provided by Pinecone for accurate triaging and sentiment analysis. This ensures that feedback and queries are routed to the appropriate departments or teams promptly, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AI voice transcription interface on Retool

AI recording dashboard built by Retool Developers


With our solution, businesses can not only streamline their operations but also offer superior customer service. By enabling customers to submit feedback and requests quickly, and empowering internal teams with actionable insights, our AI application drives tangible results and fosters long-term success.

Our partnership with Pradhi exemplifies the transformative power of AI in modern business. By leveraging our enterprise-grade application, Pradhi was able to secure prestigious clients, streamline operations, and drive growth—all within a remarkably short timeframe. At Toolpioneers, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and helping businesses thrive in an ever-evolving AI markets. Here's the link to the demo of the application


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